Volkswagen MIB2 - Fully Activated / Unlocked Unit (NAV)

Volkswagen MIB2 - Fully Activated / Unlocked Unit (NAV)

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MIB2 Unlocked / Activated Unit

This product is a simple plug and play unit with App-Connect / Voice / Sport Monitor. It is a direct swap with Polo 6C unit. This glovebox unit will also fit a MK7 / MK7.5 Golf. Component protection has already been removed. 

To fit this in a Polo 6C, all you’d need to do is remove the current unit in the glovebox and replace with this. 

Once purchased, we will contact you via email or phone number to grab the information we need, I.E Do you have reverse camera? Do you want Red or Blue theme?

 Part Numbers;

3Q0035874A / 3Q0 035 874A / 3Q0035874 A / 3Q0 035 874 A

3Q0035874B / 3Q0 035 874B / 3Q0035874 B / 3Q0 035 874 B

3Q0035874C / 3Q0 035 874C / 3Q0035874 C / 3Q0 035 874 C